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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy 5 Months, Claire!

Happy 5 Months, Claire! Daddy did a little math today and came to the summation that you have been in our lives for 154 days, and every one of them has been a blessing.

5 Months

Just recently you have mastered rolling over and are waking up in middle of the night with surprise from your newest feat. We don't mind though, because it's fun to see you over on your belly and you usually go right back to sleep when we flip you over or give you a binky.

You are also a drooling queen, so we suspect some major teething is going on in that tiny mouth.


We plan to let you try your first taste of solid food this weekend, likely just a little rice cereal to see how you do, and then we'll move on to the good stuff. Speaking of food, I guess we need to order a high chair pronto! Can't wait to see how you do with a spoon big girl!

And since we're on the topic of being a big girl, although you look pretty chunky, you're still a bit of a peanut, wearing a size behind your age group in most clothing. Your 0-3 month footed sleepers, however, are just now starting to get snug in the feet and short in the arms so 3-6 month sleepers here we come.

Mommy & Daddy can't wait to see what the next month brings!


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