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Monday, November 24, 2008

My Feelings on Felt

I love the throw-back look of all the felt Christmas decor that is out this year. My favorite right now is the Felt Garland I found online at Crate & Barrel along with this Felt Mitten Ornament Set .

But I have two issues holding me back from purchasing these online right now:

1). Although I do make a few exceptions each year, I cannot stand paying full-price for any holiday decor when I know it will be 70% in the outlet section just one day after Christmas.

2). These handcrafted gems are also mass-produced gems and I prefer to buy handmade from those whose independent hands have made each one, uniquely. So, I'm trying to search Etsy for similar felt garland, but haven't had much luck. 

Solution: I may have to buy the garland, but I remember from my childhood that my mom had made a bunch of these quirky, little felt ornaments. I also know that after many years of being beaten out for prime tree space by her newer, shinier ornaments, they are now hopefully sitting in a box untouched. But little do they know, that are now back en vogue this season. At least to me. So I plan to go home for Thanksgiving, dust off some boxes and see what I can find.

And alas, if they happened to have been sent away to the land of misfit ornaments, then I may have to break down and either buy my Crate & Barrel finds, or more likely I'll pick a few faves off of Etsy, like these kitschy little creations from seller Cuore

Or these from seller Shannon Harris:

I'll keep you posted on what felt I find!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm a Mrs!

The dust has settled, the honeymoon is over and today was my first day back at work as a MRS.! Today was actually weird going back to work after being off for 2 whole weeks. Dave has much more vacation than me so he took 3 weeks off and got to sleep in today while I braved the cold and took the train to work :-(

It was strange today, I actually woke up nervous to go to work today, like I was starting a new job or something, only I have had this one for 2.5 years! I wonder if this is normal? My whole schedule has been out of whack too, I couldn't even remember what time to set my alarm for or how long it takes me to walk to the train in the morning...what did the wedding do to my brain!

Also, this is kind of sappy, but it would be the first time in over a week that I would spend my days without my new husband, or with anyone except for him. When did I become a needy wife? Oh yeah, just 11 days ago.

Once I got to work, it was just like old times and my co-workers (that attended) had lovely things to say about our day which was great.

I promise to post various photos and other details in posts along the way, but overall our day was wonderful. Wonderfully chilly, but I was warm off of adrenaline so I didn't seem to mind as much as the guests and the bridal party did. Here are a few photos to hold you over and I promise to post more soon!

Just Married!:

Our Exit Kiss:

Pretty Maids all in a Row:

Me with the Maids:

The Cake:


Farewell from the new Mr. & Mrs.:

More to come!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm getting married this week!

I'm getting married this week! I thought I'd never be able to say that!

Everyone do a nice weather dance for us. Each day it has changed anywhere from 49-55 degrees and from rain to sun to rain again. That's STL weather for you though.


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