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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Exploring Chicago - Devon Avenue

I know I left you hanging after Andersonville, so without further ado I will present to you our second stop in the Exploring Chicago Photography Course...

Devon Avenue was originally known as Church Road, but it was renamed in the 1880s by Edgewater developer John Lewis Cochran after Devon station on the Main Line north of Philadelphia. The street has been settled by many immigrant groups, which is perhaps most evident between Kedzie and Ridge Avenues in West Ridge, Chicago. Here, one traveling eastward will encounter, in succession, an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, a Russian American neighborhood, an Indian American neighborhood, a Pakistani American neighborhood, and a Bangladeshi American neighborhood. Portions of Devon in this area have been renamed in honor of Golda Meir, Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

The main area we walked, was the "Little India" portion of Devon Avenue. Here are the photos from my afternoon there. First we have the food...








And then we have the fashion and decor...





And next, a little Indian-American pop culture...



And last but not least, we had lunch for the day at Tiffin, which was delicious:


Overall, this was an area not very far from my home in terms of miles, but it seemed like a world away. There were times on Devon that I saw such unfamiliar things that I forgot I was in Chicago, or even America. This is one of the many reasons that I love this course, and love Chicago as a whole. It's a big city made up of many tiny neighborhoods, each with their unique cultures and identities.

In this post we got a taste of South Asian culture in Chicago, and in my next post I'll take you to the Eastern European areas as we explore the neighborhood of Ukranian Village.


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