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Monday, November 24, 2008

My Feelings on Felt

I love the throw-back look of all the felt Christmas decor that is out this year. My favorite right now is the Felt Garland I found online at Crate & Barrel along with this Felt Mitten Ornament Set .

But I have two issues holding me back from purchasing these online right now:

1). Although I do make a few exceptions each year, I cannot stand paying full-price for any holiday decor when I know it will be 70% in the outlet section just one day after Christmas.

2). These handcrafted gems are also mass-produced gems and I prefer to buy handmade from those whose independent hands have made each one, uniquely. So, I'm trying to search Etsy for similar felt garland, but haven't had much luck. 

Solution: I may have to buy the garland, but I remember from my childhood that my mom had made a bunch of these quirky, little felt ornaments. I also know that after many years of being beaten out for prime tree space by her newer, shinier ornaments, they are now hopefully sitting in a box untouched. But little do they know, that are now back en vogue this season. At least to me. So I plan to go home for Thanksgiving, dust off some boxes and see what I can find.

And alas, if they happened to have been sent away to the land of misfit ornaments, then I may have to break down and either buy my Crate & Barrel finds, or more likely I'll pick a few faves off of Etsy, like these kitschy little creations from seller Cuore

Or these from seller Shannon Harris:

I'll keep you posted on what felt I find!


Sarah November 25, 2008 at 10:39 AM  

aww those decorations are quite adorable! but i TOTALLY hear you on not paying full price for christmas decor.

Coree November 27, 2008 at 2:41 AM  

Those owls and bird are so darn cute! Lately, I have been finding myself liking things with birds on them. I am going to have to check out etsy more.


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