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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where there's smoke...

...there's a new computer power cord! I have been MIA lately because late last week my computer cord started SMOKING! Yes, smoking. Leaving my computer battery to drain until I could finally take time to set up an appointment at the apple Genius Bar to have my laptop looked at. One quick appointment and $79.99 later for a new cord and I am now newly acquainted with the world wide web.

I felt cut off from society for the last few days and I was unable to blog about all the fabulous things that occured this weekend and week.

But let's catch up. To add to my workplace celebrities sightings, we got a text message tip on Monday that three stars were making their way to our floor. Not the lobby, but literally coming to the spillover Obama HQ office next door. So we not-so-stealthily head down the hall to "go to the restroom", when down walks:

Queen Latifah

Alicia Keys (GORGEOUS in person and SO tiny!)

And, Jennifer Hudson (the day it was announced that she is newly engaged to a random reality star by the way)

I guess, they are doing some sort of a promotion for the Obama campaign, but of course I cannot know for sure. It made for an exciting trip the the restroom though!

Aside from not being able to talk about the celebs swarming my building at work, I also haven't been able to update about the wedding which is less than 8 weeks away.

This weekend, Dave and I completed our pre-cana class in middle of the monsoon-like rains and we actually really enjoyed it. 

Also, our RSVP's have been pouring in. Count: 100+ yes, 1 no. uh oh. Should I stress? Well as of today I officially live in the most stressful city in America, according to Forbes , so I guess wedding-stress or no wedding-stress, I'm doomed ;-) 



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