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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Battling Baby's First Cold

Just two week's into daycare, at 17 weeks old, Claire got her first cough & cold. Everyone keeps telling me that this will be good for her immune system to build up all of those antibodies, but it's hard to keep in mind when your baby girl is struggling to breathe.

We took a trip to the doctor for our first "sick" visit, just to make sure it wasn't more serious, and luckily it was not. Just a cold that can last 7-10 days. Since there is really no medicine you can give a 4-month-old for a cold (really nothing for up to 4-years-old!), I thought I'd share the things that are making this more bearable for Claire-Bear.

Claire has been sleeping in her crib at night from day one, but we always had this around the house for naps since it is so portable and it's the only seat that is approved for sleep. From the reviews, the elevated seat has been a life-saver for many reflux babies, but little did I know it would come in so handy when our baby had a head cold! Our pediatrician recommended that Claire sleep elevated to help her breathe, so in lieu of propping up her crib mattress or having her sleep in the car seat, the Rock 'n Play is a much more comfortable solution and is working like a charm.

2.) Good, old-fashion hospital bulb nasal aspirator.
We bought this fancy, battery operated one and it is terrible. It has no suction and is basically only worth the music that it plays when you press the button. But the little blue bulb we took home from the hospital for free? Priceless!

Effective and adorable, all in one. Plus, it matches the animals in Claire's nursery. (Doctor's recommend always using cool-mist humidifiers for children, as opposed to warm-mist, to prevent burns.)

4.) Johnson & Johnson Soothing Vapor Bath (Please Note: This is recommended for babies 3-months and up.)
I actually had this on hand because I used it as a body wash in the shower when I was pregnant and caught a bad cold. Since I was unable to use cold medicine, this and vapor rub were a lifesaver. We pulled it out on Thursday night and gave Claire a vapor bath and I think it really helped.

5.) Lastly, lots of snuggles and cuddles. We are lucky that between the coughs, Claire has remained in pretty good spirits with her cold.


I hope this post helps a few more mom's as they tackle their little one's first bout of coughs and congestion!



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