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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kitschy Kool: Volume 5: Orla Kiely for Target

I love when Target picks up great designers to make affordable collections for the masses, and Orla Kiely is no exception. I love her stuff! Her vibrant prints are really fun and kitschy. I have been coveting many of her bags, but have never put out the cash yet to make one my own. 

I really have loved her Multi Stem Holdall, ever since I saw it a long while ago at Anthropologie because I think it's so cute:

And lucky me (us) I just read today here that her collection is due to hit Target Stores in February; I couldn't be more excited! (Too bad it's more housewares than bags, but oh well).

Yes, her prints are completely kitschy, mod and 70's throw back, and I agree with some other bloggers that taking home the entire collection would look like That 70's Show threw up in your house, but like every good trend, less is more. 

For instance, I like this more edited selection, from her Target Collection, that I saw featured on the SCOOP today.

I can definitely see one or two of these items at my house, maybe one or two pear canisters and a pitcher. Can't you just picture yourself as a kitschy kool housewife with this stuff?

Now I just hope that I actually get a heads up to exactly when this will hit my Target store, because whenever they feature these designers I feel like you need to get there in the first few days or else it's all picked over.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Kitschy Kool!



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