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Friday, January 8, 2010

a vintage typewriter

I'm officially on the hunt for a vintage manual typewriter that is still in working condition. I am not a highly knowledgeable collector, so the age and brand are not that important to me. I do however have three criteria.

1) It should work and I should still be able to purchase ribbon for it so that I can actually use it.
2) It should look nice on display or come with a fun case to look decorative when not in use.
3) It should be affordable, preferably around $100 or less.

So, of course I check out etsy and find some serious contenders...

This one from etsy seller 'vintagejane' is exactly the color and and look I was hoping for at a rather affordable price, $49.00 + $20 for shipping.

I like it, but it does not come with ribbon so I'd have to search for a supplier for that. Also, after a quick 'google' I think this is technically a child's typewriter but it looks to be only an inch or so smaller than some other models I'm eyeing so it still seems to be a great option.

The next one in my price range is from etsy seller 'kewpiesfarmhouse', $63.00 +$23.71 for shipping.

Royal is a good brand, but it's just an okay color & style. However...

...this case makes up for that! I love the vintage luggage feel of it.

This typewriter from etsy seller 'iamanie' also peaks my interest, at $90 and seemingly $0 for shipping! (I'll have to check with the seller on that). I love the color, style...

and the great, albeit damaged, carrying bag!

I think those are my best choices from etsy that fall within my requirements. I could always go the local antique store route as well to save money on shipping and actual touch & feel the typewriter before I buy, but that takes serious scavenger time that I'm not sure if I am willing to invest. What do you think?

And lastly, I'll leave you with these great pillowcases from etsy seller 'bpoetic' that tie in nicely with the theme of my post and would look great on our bed.

I know they are handscreened, but can I bring myself to spend $40 on two white pillow cases? I'm not sure yet.


andrea January 8, 2010 at 9:02 PM  

What a fun item to try and find! I say give a few antique shops a go before you commit to etsy.

I do love the color of your first one though! ;)

Jennelle January 9, 2010 at 8:12 AM  

Ooooh, the bag on that third one is awesome! Good luck deciding. :)


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